Multimedia Campaign | June 2018


Sometimes you just know….

When we first met Einar Torfi Finnsson and Leifur Örn Svavarsson, cousins and founders of Icelandic Mountain Guides, the genuine passion they had for the natural world of their native Iceland shone out of everything they said and did. We knew immediately that working with them would be a unique and creatively rewarding journey. The result after three separate visits to Iceland and Greenland is a multi-film campaign, including a set of key still images, that showcases the qualities that have established Icelandic Mountain Guides, after 25 years in the business, as leaders in their field of sustainable adventure tourism.
Client - Icelandic Mountain Guides
Director of Photography - Lukasz Larsson Warzecha Photographer - Ulrika Larsson, Lukasz Warzecha Producer/Location Manager - Ulrika Larsson Creative Director - Ian Parnell Executive Producers - Arnar Már Ólafsson, Jewells Chambers, Guðrún Jóhannsdóttir, Ella Grødem
- key campaign images
- 4 narrative shorts + trailers
- 8 short focused stories

Icelandic Mountain Guides // Be a Pioneer // Director's Cut

In Greenland the native Inuits believe that everything has a spirit and its not just humans that have a soul but the fjords, the mountains and the lakes. We tried to capture a land discovered and inhabited by pioneers and the purity of nature, making people wanting to unplug and escape from the outside world.
Icelandic Mountain Guides // Iceland - Explore with Passion // Director's Cut

This is a story with a low key dialogue. A sense of "anti branding" branding where authenticity and quality was the main focus in the creative process. We set out to capture the passion, professionalism and company culture of Icelandic Mountain Guides, mixing the pure natural landscape of Iceland with the authenticity of IMG's adventure experiences.
Icelandic Mountain Guides // MELTDOWN

For Icelanders their glaciers are a living embodiment of Iceland's national identity. 'Meltdown' explores the bond between this iconic landscape and a group of local glacier guides, who are now fighting to save these natural wonders from climate change extinction.
Iceland Rovers // Your Comfort Travel Expert

For the Iceland Rovers film, our idea was to capture the Iceland that is home to some of the world's wildest adventures but showcasing that you don't have to go wild to experience them. Throughout a focus was made on the contrast between Iceland's extreme landscape and natural wonders and how Iceland Rovers is able to make it accessible in style and comfort.