Tuesday, April 7th, 2020

Aerial Reel 2020

Drones have changed not only the aerial photography world but the way we look at the world in its entirety. They have positively impacted the way we approach almost any given shoot and gave us an incredible amount of creative freedom.
In Lukasz's own words ... 'Right from the very beginning, I saw them as a way of pulling impressive long takes, putting a camera into impossible positions, way beyond just getting sweeping aerial landscapes. Close proximity and big dolly like moves, also indoors, were made possible as the technology developed.'

The oldest clip in this reel is from September 2017, over the last three years we have filmed aerial footage for broadcast and commercial projects on four continents and in over 20 countries. In the scorching sun, in -30deg Celsius, in a dense jungle of Papua New Guinea, California's desert, Australia's outback, over waterfalls in the Caribbean, Inca ruins in Peru and impressive sea cliffs of Newfoundland.
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